www.visitestonia.comThe purpose of this page is to let YOU know that Estonia, especially Saaremaa is very nice country for surfing through year. From May till October on water, December-March on snow. Beaches are windy, wide and nice! Such a nature is found here in Saaremaa! If you do not like mother nature here are possibilities to surf just in the middle of our islands capital city Kuressaare, where the sea comes and touches the civilization.

Why should you come to Saaremaa?

  • If the wind may blow only at some places on the continent, then here it always blows somewhere
  • The longest drive to the best places is 30 minutes from Kuressaare
  • The very exotic places and beautiful nature have made the girls beautiful too
  • Friendly hosts, every juniper tree will gladly accept you as its visitor
  • Cool surfing mates who won't ask for money nor show you the wrong way
  • If you take your time, you will have a wonderful holiday here

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    Winner 2014.  -  29.09.2014
    Congratulation! John won Estonian Cup!!! http://purjelaualiit.ee/?p=10172 ...
    John Kaju - 10-th on Europeans.  -  18.08.2013
    Our solderboy in battle: http://www.formulawindsurfing.org/filez/results/130817/final-FW.pdf ...
    Neilpryde Balitics...  -  30.06.2013
    Great news John Kaju 3 rd place http://purjelaualiit.ee/tulemused/2013/BC%20Eesti/Formula.htm ...

  • Saaremaa Surfclub - Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia - ph: +372 53474313, +372 5092803 - info(ät)saaremaasurf(.)ee